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A Wide Area of Legal Services

At the law firm of Traxler Haines, our lawyers focus on several areas of law. This allows you the opportunity to receive practical and effective legal advice on many different issues you may face. From families and small-business owners to seniors and professionals, Traxler Haines provides reliable legal services to fit the needs of residents of Prince George and surrounding communities.


Our main legal services include the following:

  • Real Estate - Residential & Commercial

  • Representation Agreements

  • Mediation

  • Estate Planning & Wills

  • Estates - Probate & Administration

  • Personal Injury

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Companies & Business Law

  • Wills

  • Real Estate Conveyancing

  • Commercial Law

  • Contracts

  • Company Law

  • Corporate Law
  • Lease Agreements
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